Our Mission:

Impact & Give Back.

We are a local giving group made up of children ages 10-17.  Collectively we make a greater impact on our community.

The premise of this group is for 100 (+) Teens to gather quarterly, and at each gathering donate $15 to a local Middle Tennessee charity/worthy cause chosen by the members. (Attendance at the meetings is not mandatory but your participation is appreciated).  Your donation will be tax deductible, as each person writes their check directly to the organization or provides cash, and the 100 (+) checks/cash donations are given directly to the charity, eliminating the need to set up a non-profit organization and deal with the administrative issues associated with a Non-Profit.  Collectively, 100+ Teens Who Care with their individual contributions of $15 can potentially have a $1,500 quarterly impact or $6,000 annual impact within our Middle Tennessee community!